The Best of Panchatantra Tales (Abridged Audio book)


Panchatantra Tales

The tales of Panchatantra were originally written in Sanskrit language. They are divided in five Tantras which is why they are called the stories of Panch Tantra – Panch means five and Tantra means a thing to earn a kind of quick gain, so Panch Tantra means five rules to make a quick gain or five rules by which a human being can succeed in his life.  All these stories are connected to the Indian Neeti Shaastra which means the moral science or wise conduct in life. These stories can change our perspectives, on many daily challenges, that we face in life. They are designed as bed time stories but daytime constructs of wisdom where life is understood by constructing meaning (process of conscious & subconscious mind) and intellectual stimulation. These stories are not only helpful for children, but for the elders and today too.

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